Local Authorities

The Electoral Reform Services Group; Xpress Software Solutions and Modern Mindset: Modern.Gov, are uniquely placed to provide end-to-end support. No other supplier provides the range or depth of support to the sector.

ERS and Local Authorities

Electoral Reform Services is the leading provider of electoral support services to local authorities in the UK. The majority of all local authorities choose ERS as their preferred supplier.

Our subsidiaries complement and bookend our core services seamlessly:

  • Xpress Software Solutions provides over 200 authorities with the backbone to their democratic services through its leading electoral software;
  • Modern Mindset’s Modern.Gov paperless meeting and decision-management system similarly supports over 200 Local Authorities and public bodies;

Together we take pride in our well-deserved reputation for accuracy, on-time delivery and excellence. Each year an increasing number of authorities choose to work with us, utilising the wide portfolio of services and products on offer, from election stationery to Individual Elector Registration services.

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