Digital Democracy

Electoral Reform Services has been at the forefront of digital democracy since 2000, when we ran the first online voting project in the UK.

Multi-Platform Online Voting Services

As confidence in digital technology has grown, so too have the sources of information available to citizens. 24/7 news and social media platforms compete with more targeted communications, so it is vital to have the right engagement strategy which makes best use of digital and postal voting channels.

ERSvotes, our secure and user-friendly election engagement platform is trusted by hundreds of organisations. It is now used by millions of voters each year and we have expanded the product range to include ERSvotes Nominate, Video, eLearner and Dashboard. 

Security is the cornerstone of the ERS brand; we use banking standard equivalent security access measures and we continuously monitor and test the robustness of our systems, to maintain security and prevent hacking.

ERSvotes products are available either as a package, hosted on a dedicated election platform or as stand-alone services tailored to your specific requirements.

Please view our online voting demonstration site, using these codes:

Security Code Part One - 012101

Security Code Part Two - 0123

Please contact us for a full demonstration of how our online voting system and engagement platform could revolutionise your organisation’s ballot or election process, maximise participation and reduce election costs.

Case Studies: