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Electoral Reform Services and the Trade Union movement have a history stretching back over 100 years. We are proud to be the trusted provider of ballot and election services for 90% of the UK’s trade unions.

We began administering ballots for rail and mining unions more than a century ago and have been at the forefront of Trade Union balloting ever since. We offer unrivalled knowledge of the relevant statutes governing trade union ballots since the introduction of legislation in the 1980’s and work with our clients to ensure compliance to these.

We have two dedicated Trade union teams, one managing industrial action ballots and the other all election, consultative, political fund and merger ballots. We adapt our products and services to meet the specific needs of individual unions and ensure they comply with these. For many elections we have been asked to extend our role from that of Independent Scrutineer to also that of Returning Officer.

ERS is the UK’s leading independent provider of end-to-end ballot, election and voter registration services and we are specified as an independent scrutineer under TULRCA. Our reputation means that we bring experience as well as integrity to your election and balloting processes and we can help you keep pace with legislative changes. We deliver compliant processes for all statutory and non-statutory elections as well as industrial action ballots and we will advise you on best practice at all times.

In addition to acting as Independent Scrutineers, we also offer:

  • Nomination management – online or by post
  • Flexible voting methods for non-statutory elections
  • Online engagement tools to support and promote the election or ballot
  • In-house end-to-end print and mailing services, in accordance with your statutory regulations
  • An experienced customer service team, to manage enquiries from your members
  • Assurer Services including Membership Audit Certificates (MACs)
  • Returning Officer
  • A certified, Independent Scrutineer’s report upon completion of the election and ballot.

We have a deep understanding of the legislation in the trade union sector and how it must be applied. So, when legislation changes to allow alternative methods of voting, the team at ERS is well placed to help you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you administer your ballots and maximize engagement with your members.

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What our client thinks

Professional service from the whole ERS team involved in our election. Clear advice when needed and complete confidence in the ERS running things smoothly and fairly throughout the process.

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