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Professional Body Elections

Good governance requires effective engagement with your membership but it can be a challenge to maximise turnout.

As the UK’s leading independent provider of ballot, election and voting services, we help hundreds of institutes, associations and membership organisations to deliver good governance around key issues and decisions.

We know what it takes to engage voters and we coordinate around 3000 voting projects every year. Over a third of these are online, using our ERSvotes platform, and this proportion is growing.
Our systems and processes are robust and we are trusted to ensure voting is easy and secure. Our work is often focused on sensitive issues so confidentiality, independence and impartiality are of the utmost importance.

Our election and ballot services for professional bodies include:

See how we helped The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) engage its membership, prior to their AGM and ultimately increase voter turnout.

You can also view our report on voter engagement here.

As an ERS Group company, we work seamlessly with our sister companies:

MES – experts in engaging communities, members, patients and stakeholders – a champion of good governance and paperless meetings.

What our client thinks

Really efficient, super friendly, professional service. We loved having a single point of contact to work with throughout. Their unchallengeable reputation gave us peace of mind. 

British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors (BASCA)

A selection of clients within the sector

Royal College of Surgeons
Royal Society for the Arts

AGM & Proxy Voting services

Learn more about our AGM & proxy voting service

Please call 020 8365 8909 or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist.

Alex Lonie, Associate Director

Alex Lonie
Head of Sector