Returning Officer function

By appointing Electoral Reform Services as your Returning Officer, your organisation is assured of independence, impartiality and a reputation for quality built on many years of experience.

Returning Officer

Your organisation is guaranteed full accountability for a critical and highly sensitive aspect of your corporate governance.

We assist a range of organisations including Trade Unions, NHS Foundation Trusts, Building Societies, Membership Organisations, Universities and Student Unions.  With invaluable practical experience in handling numerous and wide-ranging appeals and complaints from candidates, members and branches in the course of elections, and in applying the rules that govern elections, ERS ensures that consistency and transparency is demonstrated to all parties involved.

Returning Officer responsibilities that ERS typically takes on include:

  • Validating every nomination form received;
  • Checking the terms of correspondence issued in respect of each nomination;
  • Receiving appeals and complaints from members, candidates and voters;
  • Communicating with parties on a complaint or appeal;
  • Determining the validity of a complaint or appeal in accordance with the rules of the election;
  • Advising organisations of Returning Officer’s decisions in respect of each case and giving reasons; and
  • Writing to parties concerned advising of Returning Officer’s decisions.


Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist.

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