Independent Assessor

FTSE or other quoted companies that use their Share Registrar to administer shareholder polls can engage Electoral Reform Services as an Independent Assessor.

Soon after its inception in 1988, ERS was approached by FTSE and other companies to write independent scrutineer reports, focussing on the vote results announced at their Annual General Meetings. More recently, this role has been defined by Sections 342–351 of the Companies Act 2006 and ERS has been appointed as Independent Assessor on numerous occasions; either pre-emptively by the client or because of shareholder requisitions.

You may well need just a final check for your voting project – an independent check to ensure your project has been managed correctly and your results are safe and accurate. Our name can add that third-party independence to any voting project and as such some of our clients contract with us for this final stage.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist.

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