Housing & Community

Electoral Reform Services' reputation for independence and impartiality guarantees that everyone involved in a housing association or local community ballot has full confidence in the voting process.

ERS and Housing

ERS is the leading independent supplier of ballot and election services in the UK, with extensive experience in the housing sector. 

Over the years we have conducted 100s of housing ballots (including Tenant Board Member Elections, Stock Transfer Ballots and Tenant Consultations), helping housing bodies deal with these delicate and complicated processes in an independent and impartial way.

As the primary stakeholders, it is vital that residents continue to feel they are able to influence decision-making in a meaningful way. Empowering residents to elect representatives is a key component of good governance within the sector.

ERS provides a report of voting which is a public statement that an electoral process is fair and impartial, open to all tenants and leaseholders and professionally run by an experienced, independent organisation. 

We can assist with all voting requirements including:

  • Housing transfer ballots;
  • Resident board elections;
  • Consultations; and
  • Referendums.

ERS and community

We also support many other community organisations such as youth councils and parliaments, and religious groups with their local electoral needs.

In 2014 Electoral Reform Services continues to focus on making voting more accessible and convenient for all, offering a choice and mix of voting platforms to suit every voter’s preferred method: 

  • Internet;
  • Post;
  • Telephone;
  • SMS Text; and
  • Face-to-face community engagement days.

We can also design, build and manage a publicity website to support your election process and provide further information for residents online.

An end-to-end service all under one roof

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