Digital Democracy

Electoral Reform Services is the leading provider of digital democracy solutions.

Multi-Platform Online Voting Services

Our ecosystem of digital democracy services are available either as a package, hosted on a dedicated election platform or as stand-alone services tailored to your specific requirements. 

ERSvotes: engagement platform

  • Secure Online Nominations
  • Secure Online Voting
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Online documents library
  • Discuss functionality
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Video (statements & animated explainers)

a digital history

ERS has been at the forefront of providing digital democracy since 2000, when we ran our first online voting project. Our purpose-built, in-house platform has been continuously developed and improved upon to provide the best voter experience and is now used by millions of voters each year, regardless of the size of the voting project.


Online voting is often the most cost effective balloting method, helping to save on both print and postage costs whilst also reducing carbon footprint. Our digital platform can be used as the sole voting method or combined with postal, telephone or SMS text voting to maximise voter convenience and to increase participation.

Whether providing a simple and easy to use online voting site that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, or a seamless extension of your own website, we design the site you need with your voters in mind.


All our digital voting sites are designed with the user experience in mind; clear and straightforward, ensuring accessibility for all users. We also provide microsites, candidate video statements and information links to enhance the voter experience. Periodic reminder emails can be targeted at non-voters to help promote voter engagement. Our online and customer services support is offered at all stages, for all voters.   Whilst you have your electorate’s attention, it can also be a good time to add cost-effective surveys and feedback opportunities. 


For any election, ballot or referendum, the first priority is security. It is the cornerstone of the ERS brand, and in this more complicated digital age, we understand the importance of robust security measures.

  • All our voting websites are designed, built and hosted internally, with no reliance on third parties.
  • Eligible voters log on to their dedicated voting site with a security code through a unique ERS-hosted web address that uses banking standard equivalent security access measures.
  • Our state-of-the-art election software ensures an accurate result through the use of complex algorithms and coding.
  • We offer the reassurance of proven resistance to hacking and attacks, and continually monitor, check and re-check the robustness of our systems.
  • Regular penetration tests identify potential threats which are quickly repaired.

online voting DEMONSTRATION

Please view our online voting demonstration site, using these codes:

Security Code Part One - 012001

Security Code Part Two - 0123


Please contact us for a full demonstration of how our online voting system and engagement platform could revolutionise your organisation’s ballot and election process, increase voter participation and reduce election costs.

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