Design, Print & Secure Mailings

Electoral Reform Services designs, prints and securely mails all your ballot and election materials from under-one-roof.

In the 21st century there is far more competition for our attention and many more demands on our time. Design and clear, effective communication is important to any voting exercise and as such, are given a lot of attention at ERS.

We can work with your organisation to design your election material, providing advice on how the use of colour and design improves electoral engagement. From the initial call for nominations to ballot papers, covering letters and email broadcasts, election microsites, newsletters and ongoing alerts. We work hard to make your materials as eye-catching, interesting and current as possible. Capturing initial voter interest in the subject greatly increases your chances of attracting the candidates and voters that your organisations needs for a healthy democratic process.


We also offer:

  • Expert, high quality, single point project management;
  • Integrated offline and digital design - websites, email broadcasts, text services, microsites;
  • Security;
  • Fast and flexible in-house typesetting, artwork, printing and proofing facilities;
  • Specialist material, e.g. Braille and Easy-read ballot papers and translation services;
  • In-house reliable and competitive mailing facilities, handling tens of millions of mail items annually; and
  • Maximised discounts on UK and overseas postal charges.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist.

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