Companies & The Private Sector

Behind a strong business lies strong corporate governance.  Electoral Reform Services carries out over 500 different electoral and balloting projects for the private sector every year.  

ERS and companies & the private sector

Over the past 20 years, robust and transparent governance within the private sector has continually grown as a topic for discussion and change.  Many pieces of legislation have come into force during that time.  Electoral Reform Services has offered solutions for companies throughout that time in putting that legislation into practice.

We provide a range of digital and paper-based democratic services to businesses, large and small, these include:

  • AGMs, proxy voting and shareholder elections;
  • Board elections and partnership ballots;
  • Pension fund representative elections;
  • Independent Assessor support, ensuring corporate governance rules are compliant with the Companies Act 2006; and
  • Employee representative elections; e.g.
    • Collective redundancy consultations;
    • Information and Consultation of Employees (ICE) or National Works Council (NWC);
    • European Works Council (EWC) or Special Negotiating Body (SNB);
    • Transfer of undertakings;
    • Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes; and
    • Elected representative training.

It is an employer's responsibility to organise employee representative elections, ensure they are conducted fairly and comply with the relevant regulations. However, employers are not always equipped to oversee this process and can be regarded as interested parties by employees.

The simplest way to guarantee an impartial and safe employee representative election is to appoint Electoral Reform Services as your independent ballot supervisor. We have, at hand, the knowledge and services you require.

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