Ballots, Elections & Referendums

Electoral Reform Services is the UK’s leading independent ballot services provider and expert in the administration of digital and postal voting. We offer a choice of online, postal, telephone and SMS voting, available in multiple languages and accessible from anywhere in the world.

We have the largest in-house resources of any electoral or ballot services provider in the UK. From initial advice and guidance, ballot design and printing, digital content, through to mailing, response handling, online vote management and final reporting, all our facilities are here at our site.

This means we can guarantee a secure and well-coordinated service from start to finish, with no reliance on third parties. It also means we can control costs – and pass savings on to our clients.  Our team of advisers ensure each and every ballot (and we manage over 2000 every year) is administered:

  • Smoothly, safely and with expert advice throughout;
  • In accordance with any related statutory requirements or your own constitutional rules;
  • With the aim always to maximise turnout and enable broad participation; and
  • Allowing ERS to provide you with our independent scrutineer’s report. This report ensures that your results are beyond question, accepted by all concerned parties.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist you.


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