Auditing & Verification Services

Electoral Reform Services provides auditing and end-to-end verification services.

Electoral Reform Services provides this assurance

We provide bespoke auditing and verification services across a range of business processes including technological infrastructure systems. Typically we audit against a defined criteria such as a process map aligned with a Quality Management System. We also offer verification of membership schemes - auditing to check that accurate registers are kept.

Whether an organisation has fully documented control systems already in place, or needs our help in creating them, our audit services provide thorough testing of the robustness of workplace practices and gives recommendations on how to improve them.

By mapping key processes and examining their application, we undertake a detailed end-to-end assessment of the systems under review.  Verification is carried out through direct observation, analysis of physical evidence and face-to-face interviews with participants and third party providers. The findings are reviewed against supporting documents such as risk assessments, incident logs and third party reports.

Where bespoke audits are commissioned, all work is documented and presented in a detailed written report showing our analysis, evaluating key findings and providing recommendations to help with future development and improvement. Follow up meetings allow for discussion and feedback aimed at making the most of our independent appraisal. Electoral Reform Services will then issue a membership audit certificate.

Each audit is tailored to suit the needs of our clients. ERS can deliver:

  • One-off evaluations;
  • Periodic or on-going reviews;
  • Internal systems verification;
  • Assessing the processes of external partners; and
  • Due diligence testing of potential new contractors.

All work is confidential and impartial.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements and how ERS may be able to assist.

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