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Engaging Your Electorate With The Annual Canvass

Engaging Your Electorate With The Annual Canvass

The case for blending print and mail with digital solutions for the annual canvass

With the dust settling on this year’s local elections, the focus for Electoral Registration Officers will soon shift to the annual canvass if it hasn’t already done so. The canvass is a challenge for all Electoral Services teams across the country but the more diverse or transient the community, the greater the challenge.

Posted on: 23-05-2018 by Victoria Patel

Countdown to GDPR

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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

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Hand Held Voting & The Open University Students Association

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ERS Group

ERS Group Rebrand 2017

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Digital Channel Shift & Elections

Digital Channel Shift & Elections

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Eight Things You Can't Do Online

Eight Things You Can’t Do Online

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Magna Carta Event

800 Years On From The Magna Carta

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Web Content Accessibility

Web Content Accessibility

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Television Awards

Television Awards

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