Research & Voter Insights

Research & Voter Insights

Voter engagement is vital for your democratic governance. Elections are an important signpost for your organisation and an opportunity to engage voters further through meaningful analysis.

We can provide both quantitative and qualitative research services. You may have a specific research project in mind, or you may wish to understand better your member voting patterns.

With a strong emphasis on clear and engaging communications, online, by post, telephone or in person, we can help you to listen and better understand your members, staff, patients or customers.

Data Management for Voter Insights 
Our voter insight service is a valuable addition to your election or ballot, enabling greater insight and understanding of your electorate. From this, you can then better target your communication and engagement strategies more effectively in preparation for your next ballot or election.

We can cleanse your data by checking bereavements and gone-aways prior to preparing any election or balloting material. This service will not only save any unnecessary postage costs, it should also encourage turnout as only voting members, staff, patients or customers will be sent election or balloting material.

If you are administering your election online, ERS is able to offer a whole host of data capture services, such as gathering email addresses for future projects and demographic information for further analysis which can be requested at the end of the voting process. This information can be further analysed by ERS to help understand your electorate.

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