Electorate Engagement

It can be a challenge to engage members or constituents in your election or ballot because there is so much competition for their time and attention. It is therefore vital to capture interest early in the process.

We know what it takes to engage your electorate. By combining postal, telephone and SMS voting with online voting, we can also help you increase voter turnout.

Well designed, compelling communications are crucial, in addition to robust, secure systems. At Electoral Reform Services, we know what it takes to engage your membership. We will work with you to design your election materials and advise on messaging, the use of colour and the best combination of digital and postal voting channels for your audience.

Our election engagement platform, ERSvotes, is the ideal solution for online voting as it allows you to manage nominations and engage voters as well as educating candidates and your electorate. Find out more about ERSvotes platform, ERSvotes Nominate, ERSvotes dashboard, ERSvotes video and ERSvotes eLearner.

Contact us to find out how our comprehensive range of election and engagement services can help you engage your electorate.