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ERSvotes video is an end-to-end production, editing and hosting service, designed to help organisations produce engaging video content and increase voter participation.

Our experienced production team will work with you to agree the best mix of content to maximize engagement in your election.

Our clients use ERSvotes video in a variety of ways:

Video statements

Encourage voter participation with a call to action from your CEO or host a webcast of a meeting or hustings.


Candidates inspire support by helping constituents to understand their views and opinions

Animated videos

Graphics and animations can be useful to explain tricky concepts like a governance structure or proposed organisational change.

Features of ERSvotes video:

  • 4k High Definition camera, lighting and sound equipment
  • Autocue and Monitor Review during recording sessions
  • Motion designer and art worker create bespoke animations
  • End-to-end production, editing and hosting

ERSvotes Video Services

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ERSvotes video can be bought as a standalone product or as part of our package, including the ERSvotes Engagement Platform and ERSvotes eLearner.