ERSvotes Nominate

Election Nominations – ERSvotes

ERSvotes Nominate helps administrators to manage election nominations. It also enables potential candidates to nominate themselves quickly and easily, using a simple online form.

The user-friendly design and functionality encourages participation and makes it easy for administrators to update digital content throughout the election process, in tandem with traditional postal communications.

Why ERSvotes Nominate?

  • Fully customisable fields accommodate any nomination process
  • Adjustable word count ensures only valid statements are submitted
  • Easy upload of candidate photo/video
  • Save-for-later function
  • Reporting dashboard allows completed and partially completed to be monitored and validated
  • Quick, easy and accurate capture of nomination details
  • Mobile responsive design

ERSvotes Nominate can be procured as a standalone product or as part of a package of digital services, which includes ERSvotes Platform, ERSvotes eLearner, ERSvotes Video and ERSvotes Dashboard.