ERSvotes eLearner

Election Candidate Education – ERSvotes

ERSvotes eLearner is an e-learning programme, designed to support and educate potential and successful election candidates.

There are two programmes:

  • Preparing for an election – In just 25 minutes, potential candidates can find out more about how the election process works, what the role entails and how to engage voters.
  • Now you are an elected candidate – This programme helps candidates to understand fully their new role, manage their time and engage with constituents.

ERSvotes eLearner for client organisations

As well as providing election candidates with a suite of engaging content to help them prepare for the election process, organisations using ERSvotes eLearner can:

  • Produce reports on take-up and completion levels
  • Manage the relationship with eLearners and offer comprehensive support
  • Tailor eLearner modules to specific organisations

ERSvotes eLearner caters for different learning styles and features a vibrant and interesting blend of video, text, imagery and sound. Checklists enable learners to touch in and out of the course as they wish.

ERSVotes elearner Services

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