ERSvotes Dashboard

Election Insights – ERSvotes

The ERSvotes dashboard provides powerful election insights, which help you to understand and increase engagement.

You can see turnout in real-time and monitor the impact of communications on the ballot.

Why ERSvotes dashboard?

  • Real-time insight into online voting activity
  • Multiple log-in allows voting activity to be monitored and analysed by relevant staff
  • Additional profiling variables such as age, voter type and region, allow you to understand what’s important to your constituents so you can maximise engagement
  • Analytics give you insights into how votes are cast e.g. mobile vs desktop

ERSvotes Dashboard can be procured as a standlone product or as part of a package of digital services, which includes ERSvotes Platform, ERSvotes Nominate, ERSvotes eLearner and ERSvotes Video.