Company Overview

Electoral Reform Services is the UK's leading independent supplier of ballot and election services

Our expertise is recognised worldwide and our status as an independent scrutineer of voting is authorised by the UK Parliament.

Our election and voter registration services are also used by most of the UK’s local authorities.

Each year we help thousands of organisations hold their own ballot, election, vote, survey or referendum. Some have fewer than a hundred voters; others have more than a million; but all choose Electoral Reform Services to guarantee the integrity and independence of their ballot process.

A 100-year-old reputation that voters trust

Electoral Reform Services helps all kinds of companies, membership organisations, not-for-profit organisations and government bodies.  Our long history has seen many changes to the way citizens and members can participate; indeed we have more often than not been involved in these developments.  Whether at the polling station, using the phone, online, by text or through effective use of social media, ERS provides tailored services to suit every requirement of an electorate.

Typical projects include:

  • Leadership or board elections;
  • Proxy voting;
  • Independent scrutiny of AGMs;
  • Membership voting;
  • Employee representative elections;
  • Housing ballots;
  • Referendums;
  • Pension scheme trustees' elections;
  • Board of governor elections;
  • Community consultations,
  • Statutory ballots including industrial action ballots; and
  • Independent audience vote verification.

We provide most of the UK's official Electoral Registration Officers and Returning Officers with the specialist supplies and services they need to administer parliamentary, local and European elections. These services include automated registration services, canvass forms, postal ballot packs, poll cards, ballot papers, Xpress electoral software and Modern Mindset decision management software. This decision management software is used in other business areas including the NHS and charities.

Our other subsidiary business, Membership Engagement Services (MES), is a specialist communications agency, assisting organisations with their membership, community, staff, and patient engagement needs.  It is the leading supplier of engagement services to the NHS.