Royal College of General Practitioners

Case Study

Royal College of General Practitioners

Voter turnout is of high concern to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), as it is with many membership organisations.

Following a lower than expected voter turnout in the 2013 elections, the RCGP made a commitment to its members that it would endeavour to improve levels of engagement. It was agreed that ballot information would be made available to all members in printed hard copy as well as electronically.

What we did

ERS ensured every member had the opportunity to vote either by post or electronically.

We also proposed creation of a microsite whereby election information was accessible online in one location. We wanted to introduce interactive discussion to the election process, and give members the opportunity to ask the candidates questions, as well as share the election through their social media networks.

How we did it

A dedicated election website was created to host all election information and enable discussion with the candidates, as well as live links to the host’s Twitter and Facebook accounts on social media. ERS also prepared an election communication planner to aid in the scheduling of election communications by both ERS and RCGP encouraging traffic to the election website and ultimately to vote!

What we think

Increasing election turnout is a challenge common to almost all of our clients.

Our advice, in general terms, is to start election communications early and make use of every communication channel available in order to raise the profile of the ballot. We have an increasing range of tools designed to make election information more accessible and facilitate voter interaction during election time.

We are really pleased with the levels of engagement achieved through the RCGP election website with over 50 comments/questions raised through the website.

In comparison to the 2013 election results, voter turnout in 2014 more than doubled!

Luke Ashby – Digital Consultant

What our client thinks

Thank you for this – it is exactly the sort of thing we were looking to trial and innovate in our elections to re-engage with the membership and improve voter turnout!

John Cheong – Royal College of General Practitioners