The Midcounties Co-operative

Case Study

The Midcounties Co-operative

The Midcounties Co-operative’s purpose is ‘to be a successful consumer co-operative working towards creating a better, fairer world and to enhance the lives of our colleagues, members, customers, and the communities we serve’.

The Annual Board and MSC (Membership Strategy Committee) election process plays an integral part in fulfilling this objective by giving members the opportunity to elect to the Board and the Committee.

We have worked with the governance and marketing teams at Midcounties for nearly ten years, to support these elections. We co-ordinate nominations and manage the voting process, including the count. This involves the distribution of approximately 440,000 postal packs and 170,000 election emails. All digital engagement uses our ERSvotes platform.

The brief

The elections are an important element of the Society’s engagement with its members. Each year, Midcounties looks for ways to maximise engagement and turnout. 2017 was no exception.

What we did:

  • we used the Society’s marketing team’s eye-catching digital design and strong calls to action, to engage members
  • we neutralised potential bias by re-ordering the way candidates were presented to cohorts of voters
  • we made it easier for people to nominate candidates by implementing online nominations, using ERSVotes Nominate
  • we streamlined the online pathway, making it quicker and easier for members to vote
  • we conducted detailed ‘propensity to vote’ analysis on various sections of the voting member base.


  • Nearly 50,000 votes were cast, in line with expectations
  • The number of votes cast online went up by 78% compared with 2016
  • The online nomination process freed up staff time for other key admin tasks
  • We improved the Society’s online presence, from pre-nominations to the election result announcement

What our client thinks

We were pleased with the outcomes from this year’s elections, not just because we met expectations for votes cast but also because the process has become more efficient and easier for our team and for our members. The increase in votes cast online is particularly notable.


Edward Parker – Midcounties Co-operative