Manchester City Council - FUSION Ballot Paper

Case Study

The FUSION pack was successfully used by Manchester for the 2007 Local Elections, and is now used by over 50 other local authorities as their preferred postal pack. The successful delivery of the innovative integrated FUSION postal pack can be attributed to the detailed planning, preparation, knowledge and on-going communication by all parties. 

Manchester City Council has been working the Electoral Reform Services since 2001.  In 2007 at 60,000 postal voters, a new solution was required to lower costs, speed up production and increase the security and reliability of the postal pack process.

What we did

ERS presented an innovative solution to the postal voting issue at the beginning of 2007 with the intention of ERS delivering the new product for use at the Local elections scheduled on May 3rd 2007.  ERS were to demonstrate its ability to meet the council objectives.

These included the following:

  • Reducing the risk of miss-filled postal packs;
  • Lowering costs on the production of postal packs;
  • Maintaining an ‘Easy to Use’ postal pack; and
  • Continue to meet all legislative obligations laid out by the CO and EC.


How we did it

ERS appointed a dedicated in-house Local Authority Project Team - made up of experts from all areas of the company - to design an appropriate solution, undertake analysis of the council’s requirements, a review of ERS' current processes and products, and a review of the current legislative requirements governing postal voting.

The solution created was the FUSION pack.  This pack resolved all design challenges and met all of Manchester’s objectives.  By combining 2 personalised items, and generalising the third, the process of filling postal packs became less complicated due the reduction of necessary matching of items.  This also enabled ERS to further streamline production and therefore ensure that services were not adversely affected. In actuality provision of our services during our busiest times was improved dramatically due to the time saved during enclosing.

What we think

The FUSION postal pack has become our most successful and popular pack with over 50 authorities now choosing to use this innovative solution.

Hannah Lake - Senior Business Development Executive

What our client thinks

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