Leeds Building Society AGM

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Leeds Building Society AGM

Established in 1875, Leeds Building Society is the fifth largest building society in the UK and aspires to be Britain’s most successful building society.

With over 800,000 members and 55 branches, Leeds Building Society has won multiple awards including being named ‘Best Building Society Savings Provider’ at the Moneyfacts Awards for three years in a row (2016-2018).

Founded on the principle of people helping people, Leeds Building Society’s mission is to help people save and have the home they want. It takes care of members’ money so they can get on with life.

The AGM is one of the most important events of the year for Leeds Building Society, allowing its members to vote on what matters to them.

Working with ERS to engage online voters

At ERS, we now work with over 70% of the UK’s Building Society Sector. Our growth in this is due to our flexibility, proven track record, and our understanding of the needs of our clients in this sector. The ability of members to cast their vote online, in a seamless way is increasingly important to our Building Society clients. We have worked closely with these clients to develop our online AGM voting solutions and deliver a positive user experience with an intuitive and secure voter journey.

We worked with Leeds Building Society by designing an enhanced voting website (right) that would help to enable members to vote on resolutions for the AGM. The design of the voting site was contemporary and consistent with Leeds Building Society’s corporate website (left) to ensure brand integrity, providing a platform for the Society to use creative incentives such as charity donations to inspire members to vote.

From the Leeds Building Society AGM corporate website
From the Leeds Building Society AGM voting website

eAGM Pack Delivery

We further supported Leeds Building Society by undertaking the distribution of eAGM packs to its members who had opted for email communication. We worked with Leeds Building Society to utilise its brand and communication strategy and prepare the emails using that information. This brand and communication strategy was then partnered with our ability to create a smooth voter experience between the email and the voting website, particularly for those on mobile devices.

Wider AGM Service

ERS also supported the Leeds Building Society AGM with our wider AGM Scrutineering Service. This included the management of member data to create the voting database, as well as reconciliation of the data back to Leeds Building Society. ERS provided Management Information reports on a regular basis, including the latest voting position and member voting status. We also set up and maintained a digital turnout reporting dashboard for Leeds Building Society to access to receive live information on the level of turnout. At the AGM itself, ERS attended and handled the scrutiny of the vote, which included sorting, counting, and reporting on the votes cast on the day. Leeds Building Society was able to report to members at the meeting on the final voting position.

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What our client thinks

Working with the ERS team was a very positive and enjoyable experience. They quickly grasped our vision to deliver a voting website that would be secure, intuitive and engaging and they made sure it would work seamlessly with our corporate site. We were delighted with the end result and grateful for their knowledgeable approach to managing our data and the count. Turnout was in line with expectations, but the percentage of votes cast online went up from 24 per cent to 27.5 per cent. I am sure the design of the new website played a part in this.

Julie Lawman – Head of Secretariat at Leeds Building Society

Elliot Roberts, Associate Director

Elliot Roberts
Head of Sector