Gloucester City Council

Case Study

Gloucester City Council

Electoral Reform Services recently provided experienced guidance and voter analysis to Gloucester City Homes.

Gloucester City Council wanted to maximise the number of voter opinions recorded. We delivered electoral administration for the Housing Stock Transfer ballot of ownership and management of the housing stock, which is currently managed by Gloucester City Homes.

What we did:

After a competitive tender process, ERS was selected as the service provider for Gloucester City Homes. We provided consultations and advice on the best electoral systems to ensure ease of participation for the tenants. This was aimed at promoting the highest possible turnout, whilst also ensuring that the ballot was conducted in accordance with Housing Transfer regulations.

How we did it:

Due to the critical importance of ensuring a high rate of participation, a number of different voting channels were used. The traditional method of responding by post was supplemented by internet, telephone and SMS voting channels.

ERS facilitated a polling station service at scheduled ‘fun days’ throughout the ballot period. These events enabled voters to address any queries, obtain a duplicate voting pack or simply return their completed ballot paper.

The ballot papers were designed in conjunction with Gloucester City Homes and contained clear instructions on how to vote by internet, phone or SMS, using unique security codes allocated to each voter. There was no risk of duplicate voting as the codes become inactive once they had been used.

ERS received the address files electronically and provided regular turnout updates throughout the ballot period. These included a breakdown of the total votes received through each voting channel (post, internet, phone, SMS and ballot box).

ERS also provided the coordination and management of staff for the delivery of a targeted non-voter door knocking service. This service was to identify high non-participation areas and offer assistance to tenants (this included a ballot box service and the issuing of duplicates).

Returned ballots were counted and batched; votes were electronically scanned and counted using certified in-house software. Following the close of the ballot an independent scrutineer’s report was issued to the client, and all materials relating to the ballot were securely stored for a period of six months.

What we think

Given the contentious nature of housing stock transfer ballots, it is of utmost importance that voters are able to record their opinion fairly and accurately. We take great pride in working with our clients to analyse each unique circumstance, providing solutions to help achieve maximum voter participation. It was a pleasure to work with Gloucester City Homes

Electoral Reform Services

What our client thinks

We were impressed with both the professional and supportive approach of the ERS team. They provided up to date, accurate information throughout the ballot period and worked with the Council and TPAS to facilitate as many tenants voting as possible, whilst maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. An excellent service and very well managed

Ashley Green, CE at Gloucester City Homes