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After the TUC 2014

Having recently spent four days up in Liverpool for the TUC 2014, our latest blog post is a summary of this year’s Congress.

Points of discussion               

Key subjects this year included the living wage, workers ' voices and current policies on welfare. The TUC itself provides Trade Unions with a crucial opportunity to discuss these issues, and to subsequently establish the General Council’s policy for the year ahead.

TUC 2014

The 146th Trade Union Congress (TUC) looks set to be a key event for trade unions across the country; as always, it will provide a crucial forum for discussing current policies and future directions.

In preparation for this year’s Congress - which takes place at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool - our latest blog post takes a look at the event, and our history of working with trade unions.


eSTV and vote counting software

Electronic voting software has demonstrated enormous potential for streamlining the elections process, improving cost-efficiency and offering greater security. 

This week’s article takes a look at electronic voting software, its inherent benefits and risks, and its use within the context of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.


The STV system

The Single Transferable Vote is a preferential voting system designed to minimise wasted votes and enable proportional representation.

TRADE UNIONS: Growing and merging

This week we look at the changing landscape of trade unions in the UK: the challenges they face and the importance of transparent governance.


Since the industrial revolution began in the late 1700’s small groups of workers have been banding together. Initially legislation was introduced to stop this activity; it was amended in 1824, at which point these unions developed rapidly to increase their collective bargaining power.

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