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The FTN Conference 2014

As this year’s FTN Conference approaches, our latest article takes a look at the role of the FTN, the conference itself, and the work of ERS in this area.


NHS Foundation Trusts and the FTN

Ten years after their creation in early 2004, the number of NHS Foundation Trusts has increased from 10 to over 140. The existence of Foundation Trusts enables localised decision-making, in order to be more responsive to the needs of individual communities.

ERS Seminars - Electronic Voting for NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals

Throughout this month we have been running seminars on the use of online voting within NHS Foundation Trusts, following changes to the model election rules.

The topics we covered included the model rule changes themselves, their practical implementation, as well as the costs involved and our security measures for online voting platforms.


ERS and online voting

eSTV and vote counting software

Electronic voting software has demonstrated enormous potential for streamlining the elections process, improving cost-efficiency and offering greater security. 

This week’s article takes a look at electronic voting software, its inherent benefits and risks, and its use within the context of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.


The STV system

The Single Transferable Vote is a preferential voting system designed to minimise wasted votes and enable proportional representation.

Gamification and its role in democratic engagement

There has been a great deal of recent discussion concerning methods of encouraging voter participation. These range from community-led events, such as Bite the Ballot’s recent National Voter Registration Day, to the introduction of innovative new strategies. Our latest blog article looks at Gamification, its function within democracy and political initiatives, and current discussions surrounding its potential benefits.


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