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EMPLOYEE INTERVIEW: Russell Lord talking curry and the need for speed!

So you started your career as a trade apprentice in the print industry, is this where you imagined your career would take you?

I left school after my ‘O’ Levels in 1982. I wanted to go on to do A-Levels and become an architect, but the O level exam period put me off – I couldn’t face 7 more years of study! Instead I joined the print industry as a compositor apprentice. Back then if we needed to change something it meant hours of work – a far cry from today where we can edit it on the computer!

EMPLOYEE INTERVIEW: Jenny Bradley on growing the ERS group and going to the roller disco!

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what ERS was like when you joined in 1994?

Before ERS I trained as a chartered accountant with Coopers & Lybrand, I spent a year working for them in Italy where I learned Italian! After this I did accounting work for a number of varied businesses, including an architects and a company that built airships.

I was also running my own computer software business. Funnily enough, Nick King who manages the ERS software development team spent a year with us as a sandwich student.

EMPLOYEE INTERVIEW: Ian Robinson on mail and sailing

This week we are introducing the first in a series of interviews with key employees which aim to give insight into some of the expertise and experience we have here at Electoral Reform Services.

By taking some time to sit down and ask a few questions we hope to highlight projects of interest as well as areas of our business relevant to individual employee’s skills.

IAN ROBINSON: talks about mail, integrated communication and sailing


What is your history and role at ERS?

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