Joe Wadsworth

Director of Information Services

I have over 20 years’ experience implementing IT solutions for election management. I began my career at Electoral Reform Services in 1989 as a ballot adviser which gave me a practical grounding and thorough understanding of the business requirements surrounding electoral services.

Since then I have been directly responsible for computerising almost every aspect of ERS's election process. This includes:

  • management information systems for elections and related projects;
  • data processing systems to generate postal and email mailing lists from the electoral register;
  • “digital democracy”, including online nomination forms, internet, telephone and SMS voting systems and electoral registration services, and the use of social media channels to support and enhance the voting experience;
  • automation of the production of ballot paper artwork and other materials for the voting pack; and
  • document image processing and data capture systems used to scan ballot papers and report on election results.

My current role is to ensure that all software development and infrastructure operations are effective, resilient and secure, and that ERS continues to harness evolving technologies to further enhance our services.