In the late 1980s Electoral Reform Services spun out of The Electoral Reform Society, which was established in 1884 as an autonomous campaigning organisation with no shareholders.

Vote Counting at ERS in 1920

The Society sought to raise the standards of probity and honesty involved with ballots and elections. It built a reputation for integrity and impartiality that is recognised internationally. More than a century after its inception, the Society found that demand for its services was increasing as organisations in many fields became more willing to resolve issues through ballots and consultation. To meet the growing need for direct ballot management, Electoral Reform Ballot Services was constituted as a separate company in 1988. The Society still holds a minority shareholding in Electoral Reform Services but we have complete financial and operational independence from the Society or any other organisation.

Electoral Reform Services has administered elections, ballots and consultation processes for over 100 years. Our reputation has been acknowledged by gaining consultative status with the United Nations and in 1992 we were specified in Acts of Parliament as an independent scrutineer.