About us

About ERS

Electoral Reform Services, a Civica Group company, is the UK’s leading independent provider of end-to-end ballot, election and voting services.

Each year thousands of organisations trust us to manage their ballot, election, vote, survey or referendum. Some have fewer than a hundred voters; others have more than a million. Our reputation as the UK’s leading independent scrutineer brings unrivalled integrity to their election results.

Established in 1884, we now have about 200 employees delivering a wide range of election services, from design and print to digital democracy and vote verification.

Uniquely for the election services sector, we keep all our services under one roof so we are not reliant on third parties; this means our experienced project managers can meet tight deadlines while controlling cost, quality and confidentiality every step of the way.

Our diverse client base includes professional bodies, mutuals, trade unions, healthcare providers, charities and voluntary organisations, companies, the public sector and political parties, broadcasters and housing associations.

As part of the ERS Group, a Civica Group company, we work seamlessly with colleagues in MES, Xpress, Modern.Gov and Shaw’s Election Supplies to provide a comprehensive range of services including membership engagement, paperless governance, election management software and election stationery.