ERS has over 100 years experience in administering elections and ballots for all kinds of companies, membership organisations

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Electoral Reform Services is the UK’s leading independent provider of end-to-end ballot, election and voting services.

We can provide everything required for a robust, secure ballot of any kind, from printed voting materials to digital tools aimed at boosting engagement and maximising turnout. We frequently act as independent scrutineer, bringing integrity to election results.

Our experienced advisors and comprehensive range of products and services are trusted by clients in a wide range of sectors, from trade unions to companies, professional bodies, membership organisations, charities and healthcare, to name a few.

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Election Services

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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

Today is the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Thanks to the efforts of the suffragette ...
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Hand Held Voting & The Open University Students Association

ERS work with hundreds of membership organisations, each with different memberships in terms of demographics, ...
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