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Electoral Reform Services offers a range of complementary services through its two subsidiary businesses: Membership Engagement Services and Xpress Software Solutions.

Membership Engagement Services (MES)

MES can help clients better engage with their electorate, communicate their message effectively and boost turnout. The products and services we offer include:

Creative Services — We can work with your organisation to redesign its election material (everything from ballot papers to election micro-sites) making it more eye-catching and interesting. This can help boost the number of people stepping forward to run as candidates and have a significant impact on voter turnout.

Data Integrity Checks — We can cleanse your data against the Royal Mail Postal Address File and run checks against the National Bereavement Register, providing you with accurate and up-to-date data. These checks can help save you money and avoid any potential embarrassment.

Voter Profiling — Whilst maintaining anonymity, we can identify and assess groups within your organisation who are not voting. This enables you to target your communication and engagement strategies more effectively in preparation for your next election.

Candidate Training — We can help train candidates both prior to and following elections. Candidates may need clarification on what will be expected of them if they are elected and may need advice on writing a manifesto or biography. Following the election, candidates may require training on how to communicate and influence the body to which they have been elected.

Research — we can assist your organisation with all of its research needs, using a variety of different methods, e.g. face-to-face interviews and focus groups, postal surveys, email surveys, telephone surveys and text (SMS) surveys. We can also provide kiosks, handheld devices and tablets to assist you in your gathering of data.

Xpress Software Solutions (Xpress)

Xpress is the UK market leader in the provision of election management software. In 2008, Electoral Reform Services purchased a controlling share in Xpress Software Solutions in order to be able to offer highly comprehensive services to all local authority clients.

Xpress deliver software that is client focused and highly efficient. We currently supply software to over 100 local authorities.

Comprehensive and full-featured Xpress software is a complete electoral registration and election management system. All features of the system are accessed via intuitive and
easy-to-use Windows styled interfaces, providing optimum performance and functionality while harnessing the power and flexibility offered by Microsoft products.

Xpress offer products and services for the following:

Xpress Register Services:

  • register handling;
  • register renumbering;
  • register maintenance;
  • register search;
  • absent vote application;
  • service declarations;
  • canvassers;
  • form-A processing (workflow);
  • GIS and BS7666 (latest technologies to link your streets and properties to your corporate geographical information systems (GIS));
  • documents;
  • departmental access; and
  • boundary maintenance.

Xpress Management Services:

  • elections;
  • election timetables;
  • nominations;
  • election notices and documents;
  • polling station management;
  • poll cards;
  • staff management;
  • absent voters;
  • equipment (polling station and count centre equipment allocation);
  • election accounts; and
  • count management.

Xpress systems are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced staff with local authority backgrounds. Demonstrations of the software can be carried out at your offices.



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