• The ERS Group

    ERS Group Rebrand 2017

    You may have noticed that ERS has shiny new branding!  Over recent months we have been busy developing our new ERS Group identity. We are delighted with the end result and what it represents so we wanted to take this opportunity to provide you... read more
  • Digital channel shift and elections

    Digital by default is the UK Government’s 18-point design service standard, which is moving government transactional services online, wherever possible. This concept is not restricted to central and local government. Most, if not all,... read more
  • Elections as an opportunity for better engagement

    CHASE: Elections as an opportunity

    CHASE is a two day event boasting a range of speakers and topics, connecting charities and associations, enabling them to share best practice examples and network.

    ERS are proud to say that this is the second year we have been invited to... read more

  • Webroots - Secure Voting

    Eight things you can't do online

    Twenty years ago, less than 5% of the UK population had access to the internet; today in 2016 the figure is approaching 90%.

    Much of that growth can be attributed to the number of everyday activities that can be... read more

  • PSA Magna Carta Book Launch


    On the 800th anniversary of what is regarded as the first step toward a democratic United Kingdon, we ask - what would a modern day Magna Carta look like?

    Recently, some of us from ERS were lucky enough to attend an event held by the... read more

  • Accessibility guidelines cater for limited devices such as mobile phones


    With so much content being produced for the web, are you confident that your messaging is being properly received by your audience across multiple browsers and devices?

    With... read more


    Outreacg projects are a great way to inspire interest AND involvement in the parliamentary process, encouraging and atmosphere of de-mysification and accessibility.

    Having been... read more

  • Our involvement with the BRIT awards includes monitoring and verification of voting, as well as producing the result


    At ERS we have always worked with a wide variety of clients, on an even wider variety of projects.

    For this week’s blog article we will be looking at some of the most well-known... read more

  • Confed has proved to be an incredibly popular event among attendees

    NHS CONFED 2015

    There is now less than a week to go until this year’s NHS Confederation. ERS has been a mainstay at Confed for many years – the event provides a great opportunity for networking and keeping updated on the latest... read more

  • Female suffrage is a key theme within the UK’s democratic heritage


    Within the context of the General Election, a great deal of attention has been focused around the UK’s democratic heritage. This heritage is commonly invoked in order to encourage participation and engagement.

    ... read more
  • The UK General Election will be taking place on 7 May


    Against the backdrop of the May elections, there has been a great deal of activity initiated by Parliament in order to encourage political engagement and participation.

    This year’s democratic anniversaries... read more

  • The Design Commission, discussing various ways in which design could improve democracy


    The Design Commission, made up of Parliamentarians and members of the design world, has recently published a collection of essays about various ways in which design could improve democracy.

    A BRIEF HISTORY OF... read more
  • Engagement is an even bigger topic ahead of the General Election in May

    So what comes to mind when you think about politics?

    At ERS we have always attached a lot of importance to our relationship with the wider community – social responsibility has always been at the forefront of our company vision.

    This philosophy extends to... read more

  • In the lead-up to the 2015 General Election, and following research from the Electoral Commission, this week’s blog article addresses issues surrounding voter registration and democratic participation, and the services that ERS can offer to maximise both

    Voter Registration Campaigns

    A major public awareness campaign that aims to raise awareness of voter registration was launched last week by the Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog.

    In the lead-up to the General... read more

  • The Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy, launched by House of Commons Speaker John Bercow

    The Digital Democracy Commission

    Originally set up by the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, the Digital Democracy Commission has investigated the opportunities that digital technology can bring for parliamentary democracy in the UK. ERS... read more

  • New Legislation for Paperless Committee Meetings

    New Legislation for Paperless Committee Meetings

    January was a pivotal month for ModGov and its clients; new legislation means that Councils will be able to hold entirely paperless committee meetings. This is a momentous step towards councils being able to go... read more

  • Key innovations in digital democracy in 2014; ahead of the 2015 elections

    Top Five ERS Digital Democracy Articles of 2014

    Digital Democracy has seen a huge amount of attention in 2014, with the government’s Digital by Default campaign, the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy and the rise of online petitioning websites like Avaas, and 38 degrees.... read more

  • Employee Interview: Andreas Norgren

    This week we are speaking with MES Associate Director Andreas Norgren. We will be discussing the year ahead, new innovations, effective communication and crowdsourcing (as well as what makes a good ski resort!).


    ... read more

  • E-Voting in Namibia

    Africa saw its first nation-wide use of electronic voting during the recent Presidential elections in Namibia.

    Though several African nations have already run pilot or limited e-voting, none have utilised electronic voting on a nation-... read more

  • Audience Participation Voting

    Democracy exists in many different areas of our society in the UK, from local government elections to ballots for trade unions, as well as within the NHS and corporate organisations.

    An area in which we have increasingly seen voting... read more